Senate Punts CISA Vote Into September

Well, that’s interesting. Based on all of the talk this week, it was expected that there would be a vote today in the Senate on the faux cybersecurity CISA bill — but it didn’t happen. Business concluded and everyone went home for the month without a vote, meaning it won’t be taken up until September, at the earliest. According to Kaveh Waddell at the National Journal:

Senators are heading home for the August recess without voting on the cybersecurity bill.

Lawmakers worked for days on an agreement about which amendments to include on the cyber bill, but Senate leaders pulled the plug at the last minute on a vote scheduled first for 10:30 a.m, then for 2 p.m. Then they decided to skip town.

Under the deal senators struck Wednesday afternoon, the cyber bill will come up again in September after recess, and 21 Democratic and Republican amendments will receive votes.

It’s not entirely clear why the delay happened. Some have suggested it had to do with concern over some of those 21 amendments, but it might also mean that there really aren’t the votes that CISA supporters were hoping for. After all, the hope had been to try to “sneak” CISA through when people weren’t paying attention, but civil liberties and privacy advocates have been quite active again (and, I’m sure, will continue to be). Either way, the fight to block such a bad piece of legislation goes on, but it’s good to see that the actual vote has been delayed for now…

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